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Our Public Service

A Simple Story of One Person's Calling

Sheila Westfall-Preston, Owner

Who are our Clients?
-Any aged person wishing to preplan their retirement, estate management
-Persons who are currently retired or about to retire
-Persons seeking to transition in housing arrangements
-Heirs and estate administrators who have the job of administering an estate, especially though probate

Note from Sheila: Being a member of AmSpirit Business Connections organically supports our business as we seek service providers that are trustworthy and honorable to serve my clients. Our clients require a plethora of highly reliable and varied service providers for support. Scroll down to learn more about AmSpirit Business Connections. 

What Service Do We Provide?

Our practice provides a support function to families providing referrals from retirement/estate planning through estate settlement (including probate) when a loved one has passed. We do not charge for this service as it is a much needed give-back service to the community. We help them to preserve their family legacy and their relationships during major life transitions.

We also find our clients the expert service and guidance they they need with our trusted and vetted service providers with sensitive personal issues at sometimes the most vulnerable time in their lives. They are in need of a plethora of service providers, Thus our Directory Online. That is where you enter the relationship of trust! Geographic Service Area: DSLegacy Service LLC. and the Referral Directory it maintains serves families in the following Ohio Counties: Warren, Preble, Montgomery, Miami, Hamilton, Greene, Clinton, Clermont, Clark, Champaign, and Butler.

We provide LegalShield Member Services for affordable options for retaining legal advice. LegalShield works in collaboration with the Ohio State Bar Association. 

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Learn more about what we do:

"Good Guy" Directory

Business to Consumer Directory

Business to Business: We maintain a Directory of vetted service providers, to whom we refer our clients (and yours), so AmSpirit Business Connections is an organic connection.

Our Directory is a low cost way for Service Providers to be shared in the Community. 

Our basic listing package  in the Directory ($200 per year) is currently free  to all AmSpirit members invited to participate.

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Realtor Partners

I am a licensed Realtor with Ownerland Realty as well as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist. Realtors who would like to receive referrals and collaborate to help my clients must be knowledgable and preferably trained in working with probate and estate settlements.

We are able to provide specialized training for a fee. We refer out clients when asked to handle the property sale. Email us to learn more.